Sunday, June 20, 2010

IT'S a BOY!!!...23 weeks and nowhere close

Long time no speak:( Been just trucking along living vicariously through all of my racing buddies. Feeling like I had a long training day after just a 3000 swim and 4 mile run...whooopdeedoo. But I definitely imagine I'm Ironman training because, after all, I am getting ready for the biggest race of my life in October baby! And it won't be in Kona. Some recent pics above of the coolest looking truck (owned by Whole Foods, of course) and Delfin's brother and a coworker of ours.

Plans are to see four patients in the clinic this THURSDAY if all goes as planned. I've gotten FOUR whole phone calls from the ad...yaaaaaay!!!! NO sarcasm, I'm stoked. Just having some issues with the details of the use of the space. So please everyone, cross your fingers for me it all works out!

We've also been looking for a bigger space in which to live AND Delfin (hubby) is still in real estate school, so we do definitely keep ourselves running around.

GREAT NEWS! I will be launching an updated website and new business cards the first week of JULY!!!!!!!!!! With a local cyclists discount...right on! Next on tap, FB for PRIMO after website launch and maybe some cool shirts.

We had a doc appt after not having had one for over 6 weeks and weren't even sure if we were going to get the much sought after US, but went ahead with it and found out it is a boy (a very wiggly, active and apparently happy boy). We caught him smiling and sucking his thumb. Cute little distorted looking thing! We got maybe one good shot of his face but the rest were weird looking! I hesitate to post them!!!!!!!!!! Do we have a name picked out, you ask?! Well, what do you think? Of course we DON'T! Nowhere close! But we do have prenatal pregnancy classes scheduled for beginning on Wednesday! See, we are not the WORST parents in the world! And we go to Tulsa this weekend for our FIRST ever baby shower! Moving right along, I think, in this very uneventful week 23...can't say you're 6 months pregnant yet, and don't want to say 5 months preggo b/c you look more than 5 months preggo and don't want people to think you're just eating too much!

Speaking husband had a real ice cream milk shake two nights in a row and I didn't touch a dessert! I've been so super good about my diet (although difficult at times and although it doesn't look like I have been:) and he just eats what he wants. Lucky bastard. And today was a day to celebrate HIM. I went along with it b/c he's a super awesome husband, but father-to-be, I'm not too sure about! Sorry if you're reading, honey.

Looking forward to preggo classes (sort of really am, I'm looking forward to getting through this big event as mentally ready as possible!!!) and seeing patients (hopefully) this week!

Keep you posted!