Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tour, first pt, new website, 6 months and 1st shower!

all my fit Ironman friends and me, tubby. even the two kids to my right are exceptional athletes. check out Sadie on the far right...cutest little 20 month old ever!!!!!!
2nd patient
first patient

I love the Tour de France! It gets me so excited and the baby kicks even harder! Yay! First stage was loaded with wrecks...hard for even them to contain their excitement early on! Glad everyone looked like they checked out ok. But as for the one wreck caused by a DOG...come on owner! What are you thinking?! Get it together. I can't honestly believe the amounts of wrecks caused by spectators. You would think they would have that figured out by now.

And our first shower!! Sponsored by some wonderful friends in Tulsa! That was a great and much needed weekend of relaxation, fun and visiting. And such generous friends! The hosts put us up in a guest room of their 4000' house with an olympic sized pool in the backyard! Dream! Of course the owner is a record holder in the 100fly and 100free! It was truly great to get away from the grind and visit with some good friends.

First patient seen finally at PRIMO! It's a bit slow moving right now, to be expected, of course, and probably thankfully as I'm sure I don't need to be slammed at this stage of the pregnancy. Just trying to work out the dealings with the owners of the space and applying for loans, meeting with accountants and attorneys, etc etc. Trying to get all that hammered out now.

New updated and launched website!! I love it! And the full page ad in the Austin Fit Magazine came out! My wonderful friends at the TLYMCA posted the ad all over the Y (unbeknownst to me) so it's been fun hearing about everyone's aches and pains at the YMCA! If I could only turn them into patients...:)

Officially now in my 7th month...I love saying that. I'm so much closer to 6 months now that I'm in my 25th week but I am loving the fact I can say I'm in my 7th month. It makes me feel like I'm further along than I really am. Many people say, 'don't rush it, you'll have your hands full when he's here.' and I do agree with that but I also just want my body back! I want my speed back! I want my breath back! I want to lay on my back! I want to stop getting stares! (I will be so much more conscious and aware of my gazes towards pregnant women from now on; it's not a very comfortable feeling; are we that much of a rarity that people esp men feel the need to STARE!!!???) I want my clothes back! You get the point.

Cheers to a great 4th of July to everyone and 3 year wedding anniversary for us tomorrow!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

IT'S a BOY!!!...23 weeks and nowhere close

Long time no speak:( Been just trucking along living vicariously through all of my racing buddies. Feeling like I had a long training day after just a 3000 swim and 4 mile run...whooopdeedoo. But I definitely imagine I'm Ironman training because, after all, I am getting ready for the biggest race of my life in October baby! And it won't be in Kona. Some recent pics above of the coolest looking truck (owned by Whole Foods, of course) and Delfin's brother and a coworker of ours.

Plans are to see four patients in the clinic this THURSDAY if all goes as planned. I've gotten FOUR whole phone calls from the ad...yaaaaaay!!!! NO sarcasm, I'm stoked. Just having some issues with the details of the use of the space. So please everyone, cross your fingers for me it all works out!

We've also been looking for a bigger space in which to live AND Delfin (hubby) is still in real estate school, so we do definitely keep ourselves running around.

GREAT NEWS! I will be launching an updated website and new business cards the first week of JULY!!!!!!!!!! With a local cyclists discount...right on! Next on tap, FB for PRIMO after website launch and maybe some cool shirts.

We had a doc appt after not having had one for over 6 weeks and weren't even sure if we were going to get the much sought after US, but went ahead with it and found out it is a boy (a very wiggly, active and apparently happy boy). We caught him smiling and sucking his thumb. Cute little distorted looking thing! We got maybe one good shot of his face but the rest were weird looking! I hesitate to post them!!!!!!!!!! Do we have a name picked out, you ask?! Well, what do you think? Of course we DON'T! Nowhere close! But we do have prenatal pregnancy classes scheduled for beginning on Wednesday! See, we are not the WORST parents in the world! And we go to Tulsa this weekend for our FIRST ever baby shower! Moving right along, I think, in this very uneventful week 23...can't say you're 6 months pregnant yet, and don't want to say 5 months preggo b/c you look more than 5 months preggo and don't want people to think you're just eating too much!

Speaking husband had a real ice cream milk shake two nights in a row and I didn't touch a dessert! I've been so super good about my diet (although difficult at times and although it doesn't look like I have been:) and he just eats what he wants. Lucky bastard. And today was a day to celebrate HIM. I went along with it b/c he's a super awesome husband, but father-to-be, I'm not too sure about! Sorry if you're reading, honey.

Looking forward to preggo classes (sort of really am, I'm looking forward to getting through this big event as mentally ready as possible!!!) and seeing patients (hopefully) this week!

Keep you posted!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Enter week 20

Already and I've got THAT belly to show for it! I really CAN wait to see what 9 months will look like. That's me up there last night in my tri suit. Poor tri suit...holding on for dear life! Hang in there, buddy!

Happy Memorial Day everyone and thanks for the comments on the pic. I need them, trust me! This is not that easy for me. And GOOD LUCK to all my fellow racers this weekend. This is a big weekend! Over on O'ahu there are many racing the North Shore Triathlon and out here in Austin there is a mtn bike race in Dripping Springs (over on Lance's property) as well as one of the biggest triathlons in Austin: Capital of TX triathlon (oly and sprint). I'll head out there tomorrow to watch that fun event.

After the race, we'll head out to the lake and enjoy the day...a much needed break from the daily grind. Should be fun...can't wait. Heading out with our best bud, Tina.

My first ever marketing ad is coming out on Tuesday in the Austin Fit magazine and I'm stoked! At the very least it'll get my name out there even if I don't get any clients from it. The July issue will hopefully bring in some clients as they will spotlight me in their "Body Docs" section. I'm planning on holding some classes at night in my new space that range from prenatal fitness classes all the way to boot camp classes specifically for triathletes for a free or nominal price. I really also want to hold foam roller and trigger roll set classes to help people use those very important regeneration tools correctly.

This should be a fun summer for me as it's already reaching 96 degrees in the afternoon out here! The run this morning was only 86 degrees but, I'm sure, before I know it, my morning runs will easily be in the 90s and maybe even 100s. *sizzle* Not sure how long baby and I will be able to handle those hot runs! I might have to move them indoors and you all know how much I despise treadmills!!!

I never thought I'd actually say this thinking I really needed a break from teaching, but I really miss teaching spin class! I inquired at the YMCA and they are full at the moment. So crazy b/c most places are always looking for instructors. They don't know what they're missing. I teach a killer class! Maybe I'll call Pure Austin Fitness...

We're sort of also in the process of looking for a new living space for us, as well, as we see us outgrowing this space pretty quickly. Great time to buy right now! (if you have the money:)) and that seems to be the problem right now:)

I have some good networking meetings next week and my Austin Fit Mag photo shoot so it should be a busy one. Stay tuned for more pics and I'll also post my ad on the blog looking for feedback!

Have a safe weekend!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

getting fatter by the day!

This past week was pretty standard, although I was a little more tired than I usually am, therefore cutting out a few of the many workouts I pile into my schedule! Probably all the better for me. Still awaiting word on the space I would love to rent yet my ad coming out June 1st advertises my that specific location...fingers crossed it works out. Still doing a little interviewing with big companies trying to decide if this is the right time to go out on my own. And still networking on the side. Staying busy. Too many thoughts in my head right now!

It's official, though, lots of things in the closet no longer fit and it's only week 19. Should I already be 10 or more lbs up? (that's what the scale's advertising). Depressing. And it's not just in the belly. It seems like it's everywhere! There's no stopping it! I forecast lots of hard work this winter to try to get these lbs off!

So I finally gave in and met with an interior designer selling her maternity clothes this past Friday. She had some cute stuff and a few things worked for me. I can't believe it! I didn't actually think I'd have to wear maternity clothes! I don't know what fairy tale I was dreaming about, but it's not mine. It's definitely happening right before my eyes. And it sucks. I feel so terrible for my husband as I'm in a constant state of complaining about how fat I am. I know I should embrace it, but it's been a big challenge to do that. I better hop to, though, b/c I'm only in my 19th week! This should be a fun, hot, fat summer...lucky me.

On a bright note, here's some good news! As most of you know, I love racing and I LOVE trail runs! XTERRA puts on the best! They had a weekend full of races this past weekend in WACO, TX whereby they were featuring their South Central Championship race on Sunday (triathlon) and also had 3 trail runs on Saturday (5k, 10k and 21k). The typical race of choice for me would be the 21k on Saturday of course, but we decided my husband would race that in my honor (how sweet...just a little hint of sarcasm). In order to not be the biggest scrub of all time, I decided to join in on the fun and do the 10k. And so glad I stopped at the 10k! That thing was killer hard and most of the girls after the race said it was just as hard as World Championships on O'ahu. Glad someone said that b/c I don't trust my PRE these days. It kicked my butt, no doubt! So, I promise I was good. I started mid to the back of the 10k pack and started out nice and easy with definitely a manageable pace. Well, I guess it didn't matter the pace b/c 4 flights of stairs and lots of hilly peaks later, your heart rate was out of any sort of comfort zone. So I made sure to gather all breath on the downhills (which definitely takes longer when you're pregnant by the way). And as careful as I was, my left foot still managed to catch a stump whereby I went flying face down towards the soft dirt. (Also, instincts are much greater now so I landed on my left knee followed by my hands, followed randomly by my right outer calf...weird, I know), got right up and kept running no worries! Not really noticing what's happening too much b/c I'm keeping good focus on running as carefully as possible, I guess I'm passing a few people. Got a few comments b/c I had a HILARIOUS shirt on!!! If you can't read it in the pic it says, "I'm pregnant, what's your excuse?" And whew...race over, finally! Longest 10k EVER! Took me forever!

And now it's awards time. 1st AG 30-34 and 3rd female overall...WHAT?!?!? I happened to know a couple of the staff and the announcer pretty much yelled, "And taking 1st in this age group, also 3rd overall female and NEARLY 5 MONTHS PREGNANT..." omg hilarious. And after that, I got a few more 'wows' and some congrats. Off of me and to my hubby. HE did the loop TWICE!! in 4 min faster per loop so he is the stud, 3rd in his AG 30-34 and he's the nonrunner. He definitely deserves props! I'm so proud of him!

He's been a good man throughout this tough time for me so props again to the fabulous hubby! Shout out! He just knows he's in for a lot of work after delivery b/c mama's gotta get her groove back!

And now to registering...ahhhh the joys (that was full on sarcasm). It's worse than shopping, agh! We got some progress, I think, I hope! We've decided to start on a few things in BabiesRUs and did Saturday after the race. We just heard about a pretty good site Albee baby and will check it out today. I'm thinking Quinny stroller for every day and BOB or Baby Jogger as the jogger. Any other suggestions??

Well, off to do just that...some more registering! Help!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

great week!

First off, thank you for all of your comments and for those of you that FB and e-mail me telling me you're following my blog. That truly means a lot! Thank you thank you!

This past week has been a whirlwind, for sure! A great week, though. I have about 2 weeks left at the NH and off to try to run the business full nervous! Meeting with the marketing manager at Austin Fit Magazine was a great experience! She helped me and taught me a lot and I have decided to advertise with them. Coolest thing, they are giving me a full page spread in their July "Body Issue" whereby they spotlight body docs! I hope to get a patient out of that! I meet with the people leasing out their space (PT clinic moving) on Saturday so I hope to get all in order after then (phone number, fax, billing coordinator, etc etc). So many details! It has definitely been 'fun' so far, though! Lots of paperwork for credentialing with insurance companies, lots of phone calls and meetings. Keeps me on my toes. I love that my coworkers think I leave early (b/c it's a part-time job) to go home to nap! That makes me chuckle. (I wish!), although I don't think my mind would let me nap!

It has also been a successful several weeks of working out. I run religiously to work (roundtrip just shy of 6 miles) and I call that good. Saturdays no running, Sundays I try to get in a long run (anything over an hour unless the TX heat gets to me first). Swimming occurs MWF at around 2500m each at the YMCA. Biking consists of hour long spin classes MTTh and Saturday 90 min. I have been a big chicken to try to ride outdoors on unknown land (routes) being pregnant. Maybe I'll venture one of these days...I surely miss my Honolulu riding buddies. I lift weights 5x/wk and do yoga 3-4x/wk. This is week 17 of pregnancy. I hope to keep up as much of that as possible but I'm sure it'll taper so that's why I try to keep a tight workout schedule now while I can! All by myself; it would be super nice to have a buddy for some of it.

mmmmmm...almost forgot to speak about the sushi this past weekend! Of course it wasn't raw! I didn't even think about going to a sushi restaurant and eating cooked fish...who would do such a, ME! It was scrumptious! Maybe because it's been almost 5 months since I've had it! That was a day brightener! yum yum yum!

I've also been trying to connect with local Austinites in the health and fitness world, whether they are practitioners, athletes, just plain healthy, into fitness, etc. If anyone has a great idea for networking, I'm all ears...I've also been told to start tweeting, so I may get a twitter account.

Must do more coming this weekend! Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A better day for sure!

(above) Tonight in front of our building (we love our building:) 4 months preggo
Yes, it has a lap pool (25 yds)!
The non-crazy co-workers.
My run to work...almost there! The run is just shy of 3 miles one way.

Was scrolling through some photos and videos from one year ago this week and this is what I found (above). I'm pretty jealous of that girl. Hope I get to see her again sometime soon!

All was good in love and war today! And it was a busy one for sure. After the crazy but great day at work, I ran home, hit the gym for an hour spin class and did a quick lift.

We then went to First Thursday. Austin has a street party every first Thursday of the month, but as most of you know Austin, Austin uses any day of the week to throw a party to include good food, music of course, some good drinks and a great vibe. I didn't see enough 'characters' to warrent photos but Austin has its fair share, hence the name 'keep Austin weird' and I love it, therefore I'd love to capture it on photo to share with you guys!

Got a couple of my first ever Mother's Day cards (Mother to be actually) from Mom and my Godmother (aunt). It was more special than I had imagined. How cool. A Mom-to-be. Like no other feeling in the world, I imagine, except actually being a mother.

Speaking of, I'm still just looking 'chubby.' I'm not sure I want to 'pop' too soon b/c then I'm sure you get all sorts of advice and warnings from people you don't care to get advice and warnings from, but chubby isn't the best feeling in the world either. I feel sort of still in that 'awkward' phase. So far it's been hard for me to absolutely be IN LOOOOOVE with pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy! and excited! and nervous! and thrilled! but not necessarily 'in love' with my body during this phase. I'm sure my sentiments will change as my body changes (hopefully for the better!!).

TGTF!! (Thank Goodness Tomorrow's Friday!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Soooooooo much to talk about. Pics coming tomorrow. So sorry you have to deal with only my words today, booooring!

Weekend was GREAT! We jogged over to a local 5k run and Delfin PR'd! So proud of him...he's the non-racer doing really well this year! He did a sub 4 marathon this past December and a 21:32 5k on Saturday! Way to go, Delfin! I did a 23:18 (16 week preggo record) and didn't start in the front! It took some time to get up there, it was sort of a big race, but it was so fun! I want to do more. Although, it did sting a little seeing all the fast runners on their way back to the finish. I must admit I was a bit jealous, but VERY happy for them! It was an overall great experience.

We came home and had a great breakfast and I then proceeded to use some of our new wedding gifts...I made homemade delicious cookies! (while Delfin studied). He is in real estate school as well as his full time job as a therapist. I gave so many cookies away to everyone, I think people think I'm Betty Crocker AND I'M NOT!! Oh no, the expectation has been set high! Oh, and the coolest part, Whole Foods delivered the groceries I needed for the cookie making to the door for FREE!! (so he got a bunch of cookies delivered to him hot out of the oven). We love our neighborhood. That was Sunday. Saturday was a fun day, too. Went to a cool fest and the farmers' market, all in the neighborhood.

OH, you guys won't believe this! I haven't driven my car since I picked it up from its shipment from Hawai'i!! I run to/from work and everything else is walking distance!! Delfin has driven me a couple of times to Costco but we are rarely in a vehicle! He bikes to work. I love it. It's awesome.

Ok, getting to the more juicy part and the "wow" of the blog. First off, I've been getting a ton done on my business. I'm super motivated and super excited. I just need to market and get some patients and hopefully by that time I'll be credentialed to take insurance clients.