Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tour, first pt, new website, 6 months and 1st shower!

all my fit Ironman friends and me, tubby. even the two kids to my right are exceptional athletes. check out Sadie on the far right...cutest little 20 month old ever!!!!!!
2nd patient
first patient

I love the Tour de France! It gets me so excited and the baby kicks even harder! Yay! First stage was loaded with wrecks...hard for even them to contain their excitement early on! Glad everyone looked like they checked out ok. But as for the one wreck caused by a DOG...come on owner! What are you thinking?! Get it together. I can't honestly believe the amounts of wrecks caused by spectators. You would think they would have that figured out by now.

And our first shower!! Sponsored by some wonderful friends in Tulsa! That was a great and much needed weekend of relaxation, fun and visiting. And such generous friends! The hosts put us up in a guest room of their 4000' house with an olympic sized pool in the backyard! Dream! Of course the owner is a record holder in the 100fly and 100free! It was truly great to get away from the grind and visit with some good friends.

First patient seen finally at PRIMO! It's a bit slow moving right now, to be expected, of course, and probably thankfully as I'm sure I don't need to be slammed at this stage of the pregnancy. Just trying to work out the dealings with the owners of the space and applying for loans, meeting with accountants and attorneys, etc etc. Trying to get all that hammered out now.

New updated and launched website!! I love it! And the full page ad in the Austin Fit Magazine came out! My wonderful friends at the TLYMCA posted the ad all over the Y (unbeknownst to me) so it's been fun hearing about everyone's aches and pains at the YMCA! If I could only turn them into patients...:)

Officially now in my 7th month...I love saying that. I'm so much closer to 6 months now that I'm in my 25th week but I am loving the fact I can say I'm in my 7th month. It makes me feel like I'm further along than I really am. Many people say, 'don't rush it, you'll have your hands full when he's here.' and I do agree with that but I also just want my body back! I want my speed back! I want my breath back! I want to lay on my back! I want to stop getting stares! (I will be so much more conscious and aware of my gazes towards pregnant women from now on; it's not a very comfortable feeling; are we that much of a rarity that people esp men feel the need to STARE!!!???) I want my clothes back! You get the point.

Cheers to a great 4th of July to everyone and 3 year wedding anniversary for us tomorrow!