Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a year so far!

2 months preggo above.
3.5 months preggo in pic above with some good friends that visited us in Austin from HI!! Thanks Amy and Erik Eck!

6 weeks preggo (above) at my last spin class in Honolulu at the Oahu Club. I miss you guys already!
The day I found out I was pregnant! (above on a Trilogy tour from Maui to Lanai'i. I highly recommend this trip!). That's water I'm drinking, I promise!
Around the time of conception (pic above).

Welcome to my blog (if I'm even talking to anyone right now besides myself:)! I have been wanting to start a blog for a while. I LOVE reading others' blogs and really do learn a lot. I hope for my blog to have the same effect on my readers. There is so much to blog about right now in my life, it seems (or at least to me).

We just made a big move. Honolulu to Austin 2.5 weeks ago and it's been a huge whirlwind. We drove in from California so we could visit some of our dear mainland friends en route. We started that drive a month ago already! Yikes, time flies. I miss Hawai'i and our dear friends (and all of my wonderful clients!!) so much, but Austin has been good to me so far. The weather has been perfect and our condo is across the street from the flagship Whole Foods! I'll try not to talk about that store too much.

I started a part-time job yesterday at a NURSING HOME. I'm not sure how long I will last but hopefully it's long enough for me to make it to the grand opening of my new business. BTW, if you need some free tips on how to start your own business in TX (especially health care), ask me...I think I should write a book! I have done so much research lately!

I've come up with a name and I'm incorporated...yay!! (Am I still talking to myself?lol!) PRIMO Performance and Rehabilitation. PRIMO stands for Premier Rehabilitative & Integrative Manual Orthopedic Therapists and we specialize in Physical Therapy, A.R.T and most likely Occupational Therapy if my husband starts working in the space.

Speaking of space, I NEED ONE! That's my latest project. Once I have a space, I can give a physical address to insurance companies and get contracted with them.

OK so that was project 2 (1 being the big move). Project 3 (and in no particular order, mind you:) is my pregnancy. I'm almost four months pregnant already (next Saturday marks the anniversary). That's so crazy to me! People that don't know me don't know (I'm sure they're thinking I'm just a little chubby!) but I KNOW!

Let's talk about the pregnancy. I knew right away. You just know. If you're an athlete especially, you just know. It wasn't the nausea or the fatigue that gave it away at first, it was the feeling while exercising. You think you feel good (and of course sometimes you don't) but you're moving much slower than your perceived exertion. You become in serious trouble when your husband starts passing you. You then proceed to yell, "you just wait until after this is over, buddy. I'll be back to kicking your butt in no time." I know many women that abandoned working out throughout their first trimester, but let me tell you ladies, it was my saving grace. It actually helped me. Weird sounding, I know, but true for me. Sure I had "icky" moments (dizziness, occassional but rare queasiness, fatigue) but all were managed much better due to exercising through them. Of course EASY exercising! Easy runs, easy to moderate swims and easy rides...don't misunderstand me; I was nowhere near race pace. Now that I'm in my second trimester and I feel like a rockstar, my workout schedule has been sketchy due to the move. I'll have to find a good masters' program (hopefully the Y across the street is to my liking) and a couple of cycle routes and a new schedule. My favorite (sense the sarcasm?).

If there is anyone reading this that knows of a good group in Austin (at this time, not too competitive or a mix of both) for me to join, please advise! I would love to meet new athletes in the area.

Welcome to my blog again!


  1. Jessica! How exciting to read your blog - What great idea!

    So a new business! A whole foods market across the street from you! And still working out through your pregnancy... Sounds like the life! What an inspiration you are :)

  2. Love it!! Great reading! :) Keep to see the pics of you prego! :)

  3. yay! glad you started a i just need to get out there for a visit!

  4. What an exciting time in your life. All that exercising will pay off during labor. Love to read your blog. I love to hear all about everyone's adventures.

  5. no worries Jess, you are not talking to yourself.. we are all reading... hahaa!! keep blogging ! "French" kisses from Hawaii ;o)

  6. Lori Porter WillisApril 29, 2010 at 9:40 AM

    Wow Jessica, you have a lot going on!!! Congrats all across the board, especially your pregnancy! Lance and I have had a really good experience with starting our business in Muscle Shoals, LOVE IT!! Even thought tough at times it has been very challenging and rewarding! Enjoyed reading your blog and will try to keep up with you!! Good luck with all!!!!

  7. Hey!

    Love your blog. Miss you sooo much. We all sat around the other night talking about how we missed your pain :-) In a good way.

    If you want to read a great blog about a pregnant triathlete check out


  8. Not to worry, you are not talking into the void. Your readership is expanding! My name is Rachel, I am in clinical psychology and am moving next month from central Pennsylvania to Boston, MA for a new job. Look forward to hearing more about your pursuits on this blog!

  9. Thanks for the posts guys! Thanks for reading. I promise it'll get more interesting and WELCOME Rachel! So good to have you. Wish you were closer. Wish all of you were closer! And good job Lori to you and Lance...I can only aspire!

  10. found you via maggs- she digs ya, so you must be a cool gal;-) congrats on your pregnancy! i have 4 yr old boy/girl twins;-)

  11. Hey Jessica! Congrats on your pregnancy! I didn't know until I read your blog. ;) Being a mom is awesome (um, WAY better than being pregnant!) so I'll look forward to reading about your journey!
    You are definitely missed here in Hawaii. :)

  12. (Got your link from Sun Safety Barbie)

    Congrats on the move, business, and pregnancy! I'm 6 months pregnant with twins, so I love blogs like yours. You're totally on my reader. :o)

    And yes, my first post about being pregnant was how I KNEW because I just about died on my normal run.

  13. OMG AM and X-Country2...twins! How? I have no more complaining! My newest heros! Thanks for following! Miss you guys more, Michelle!