Friday, April 30, 2010

My hero, inspiration and LOVE!

Before I continue posting 'blogs to the blog', I wanted to do a brief one on my incredible niece. Anyone that knows me, knows I adore her. I never knew there could be such a love, but if you met her, I really think you'd fall in love, too! She's just a cool gal! Smart, sassy, athletic, loving, innocent and oh so kind, that's Isabella.

A few notes on the pics above: first one, of course her just copying Aunt Jessie in a restaurant (not to my sister's liking). Second, her giving me her best bicep curl in one of my (and now her) favorite jerseys. Third, her climbing (and beating all of us) a 1200 stepped mountain (Koko Crater on Oah'u). She did it no complaints, no stress, no fatigue; busted her knee a couple of times but you'd never know it. Tough little gal. Fourth, her rubbing it our faces. Fifth, her beautiful face.

Well, as you can see, I could talk about her forever. I love her! One of my favorite Isabella lines..."ok, aunt jessie, are you ready...on your march, get set, gooooo!" and then she proceeds to start just a second or two before me to try to gain a good lead. Girl after my own heart! I swear I didn't teach her that! Miss you, Isabella! (They live in Daphne, AL, near my parents in P'cola, FL).

Ok, back to the real world. Been plugging away at the business 'thing." I think I talked to 15 or more people this afternoon about credentialing with various insurance companies. My favorite part, after you request the application, you must submit another request online, via fax or mail JUST to get the REAL application. Then, after you've given them nearly every piece of information you even know, they say it will take up to TWO MONTHS for it to go through! Oh, that's super helpful! I'm all ready to go, I even think I love/like a space and now I have to wait 2 months to even be able to take anyone with insurance!! It's like they don't even want you to succeed. It's tiring and frustrating. Lori, pipe in any time with some tips:)

That is my afternoon session. My morning session consists of working at the nursing home. So today I decide to run to/from work (it's only 5.5 m round trip). I decide to run in full scrubs, rolled up at the botton, back pack. Who's idea was this again? It's at least 80deg...I know not hot for TX, but hot for Jessica. I'm running basically at a fast walk (or so I feel). It takes just over 23 min one way (I know it sounds like a felt like more). Exhausted, hot, tired at just 2.7 miles! What's happening to me! X-Country2 and AM pipe in! Is running supposed to be this hard and laborious at such an early stage of my pregnancy...already!! I'm just at 4 months (a few days to come)!!! I could hardly run the hills (if you should call them hills!). Don't worry, I'm listening to my body and taking it to my comfort level but even that seemed uncomfortable. Decided to do a short shoulder workout and yoga session today b/c the run was all the hard effort I had for the day.

Speaking of...I really think I 'popped' yesterday! So, I'm so confident and happy. Great, now everyone knows I'm pregnant! Woohoo...strutting my belly at the gym. Walking around like I own it, baby! Then, I cruise back from the gym off to Whole Foods (where else!) with hubby for a healthy dinner. We pass our front desk guy on the way out and I get excited...finally I'll announce! I tell, him "Terrik, I forgot to tell you, we're pregnant!! 4 months!!" He said, "you don't look pregnant!" WTH! Are you freakin' kidding me! OH CRAP! I'm back to having a complex! Oh no, these people in this city don't know me and so they must just think I'm chubby. Shoot, I thought I had it in the bag:( I'll post pics next week on my anniversary and you guys need to be honest!

Oh, back to the scrubs...coolest thing is coworkers don't even know I'm preggo! I think I could wear those scrubs for 2 more months and get away with it. They swallow me whole. Got love baggy right now!


  1. HEy Jessica! Another blog you migh want to check out is Salty...

    She's a great runner and running well through her 2nd pregnancy right now (due early July I think?) and she just generally knows her stuff! I assume you've read 'Exercising Through Your Pregnancy' by James Clapp, MD? If not, go get that book! It'll help you understand all that your body is going through right now and make you feel GREAT about continuing to exercise! :)

  2. AWESOME, Michelle! Thanks...So glad in your busy life you took the time to tell me that...really appreciate it! Ordering right now...

  3. What a beautiful little girl. Love the name too.

    Yes, I know the slow! It got much better for me after the first tri when my heart and lungs felt normal again. But that was pretty quickly replaced by the up-front weight where THAT made me feel heavy and slow. I think I had a week where I was speedy and normal! The first thing when I found out I was pregnant was put away my Garmin. I didn't even want to know my pace. No good will come of that for me.

    Michelle is right, that book is fantastic. Her suggestion/review was the reason I got it.

    Also, even without seeing the picture, I can tell you right now that you don't look pregnant. :o) I'm with the front desk guy.

  4. Just wait until you have the baby and then get back into kick ass shape. Then everyone will be "wow, we just thought she was chubby!"

  5. Oh, and Terrish has a blog too...

  6. You sound like a #1 auntie. so sweet you love her so. That's how i feel my sis is w/my kidz...

  7. I came across your blog through Maggs blog. You are a proud aunt which is awesome! I'm the mother of a 19 month old and was able to run until the day I was induced (although it certainly wasn't fast at that point) because the stinker was 10 days late. So just keep at it. It won't be pretty but it's nice to feel like you are retaining your athletic self.

  8. xcountry2-thanks for the words! You're right, no splits for me! Good thing is I was never a split person or a Garmin person so that part has been fairly easy. It's the difference in my breathing that is so drastic! And I think you would be on my side after I post pics this week! I think someone 'in the know' can tell (I hope!).

    LOL Maggs, you always crack me up. Thanks for Terrish's blog.

    Thanks AM

    Wow, Angela! 10 days late and still running! Oh so proud of you! You are inspiring. My new goal! Great job. Thanks for the encouraging words:)