Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Soooooooo much to talk about. Pics coming tomorrow. So sorry you have to deal with only my words today, booooring!

Weekend was GREAT! We jogged over to a local 5k run and Delfin PR'd! So proud of him...he's the non-racer doing really well this year! He did a sub 4 marathon this past December and a 21:32 5k on Saturday! Way to go, Delfin! I did a 23:18 (16 week preggo record) and didn't start in the front! It took some time to get up there, it was sort of a big race, but it was so fun! I want to do more. Although, it did sting a little seeing all the fast runners on their way back to the finish. I must admit I was a bit jealous, but VERY happy for them! It was an overall great experience.

We came home and had a great breakfast and I then proceeded to use some of our new wedding gifts...I made homemade delicious cookies! (while Delfin studied). He is in real estate school as well as his full time job as a therapist. I gave so many cookies away to everyone, I think people think I'm Betty Crocker AND I'M NOT!! Oh no, the expectation has been set high! Oh, and the coolest part, Whole Foods delivered the groceries I needed for the cookie making to the door for FREE!! (so he got a bunch of cookies delivered to him hot out of the oven). We love our neighborhood. That was Sunday. Saturday was a fun day, too. Went to a cool fest and the farmers' market, all in the neighborhood.

OH, you guys won't believe this! I haven't driven my car since I picked it up from its shipment from Hawai'i!! I run to/from work and everything else is walking distance!! Delfin has driven me a couple of times to Costco but we are rarely in a vehicle! He bikes to work. I love it. It's awesome.

Ok, getting to the more juicy part and the "wow" of the blog. First off, I've been getting a ton done on my business. I'm super motivated and super excited. I just need to market and get some patients and hopefully by that time I'll be credentialed to take insurance clients.



  1. Good luck dealing with Hilary. Though in all honesty, if you're not going to be there long and you know it, she's not likely worth any more of your energy. People who are crazy like that cannot be dealt with rationally. Best to ignore them. Rise above! :)

  2. Yikes, what a mess! Glad you're getting out of the situation. I'd do the best you can to ignore and keep the calendar moving. Hopefully those 30 days fly.

  3. FIRST OF ALL - THANK GOD you got a BLOG! yay! now i can keep up with your butt.
    2nd, im glad im not the only one dealing with overdramatic, unprofessional A-holes! (never get into a furniture fight with a gay man. He doesnt fight fair)
    Your reaction was so you too, "wait a minute, i cant let someone talk to me like that and get away with it!"
    To be honest, she was probably hormonal, jessica. You know? and she's not used to you! People do think you are condesending when you're not! cuz you're so...energetic and frank, and you just want to make your point! LOL (remember that speed board game we played? the question was "something you throw away that starts with an e" And you said, "electrical outlets!" What?? we said no way! but you persisted until EVERYone agreed with you :P funny!) But you are doing the right thing by smiling and ignoring miss cranky. Hell you're leaving in a month. then she'll feel bad cuz she'll think she drove you away. :P

  4. LOL, Erinn! I forgot about that! So true! She was sweet to me today, weird. I'll blog about it later. I think she was hormonal but they still think she's bipolar! So funny. Don't you just hate work drama! I love your good memory, helps me recollect my 20s much you, girl.

    I rose above today and it was a great day, thanks Michelle!

  5. Wow!! She does seem to have issues. My daughter just took a course in managing stress. They suggested, breathing in for 4, holding for 4, breathing out for 6. Ensure you do diaphragm breathing, and do 4 cycles a minute.

    Sometimes we never know what journey the person is on, she might be dealing with many things and you just happened to be there. Hang in, 1 more month. :0)