Sunday, May 30, 2010

Enter week 20

Already and I've got THAT belly to show for it! I really CAN wait to see what 9 months will look like. That's me up there last night in my tri suit. Poor tri suit...holding on for dear life! Hang in there, buddy!

Happy Memorial Day everyone and thanks for the comments on the pic. I need them, trust me! This is not that easy for me. And GOOD LUCK to all my fellow racers this weekend. This is a big weekend! Over on O'ahu there are many racing the North Shore Triathlon and out here in Austin there is a mtn bike race in Dripping Springs (over on Lance's property) as well as one of the biggest triathlons in Austin: Capital of TX triathlon (oly and sprint). I'll head out there tomorrow to watch that fun event.

After the race, we'll head out to the lake and enjoy the day...a much needed break from the daily grind. Should be fun...can't wait. Heading out with our best bud, Tina.

My first ever marketing ad is coming out on Tuesday in the Austin Fit magazine and I'm stoked! At the very least it'll get my name out there even if I don't get any clients from it. The July issue will hopefully bring in some clients as they will spotlight me in their "Body Docs" section. I'm planning on holding some classes at night in my new space that range from prenatal fitness classes all the way to boot camp classes specifically for triathletes for a free or nominal price. I really also want to hold foam roller and trigger roll set classes to help people use those very important regeneration tools correctly.

This should be a fun summer for me as it's already reaching 96 degrees in the afternoon out here! The run this morning was only 86 degrees but, I'm sure, before I know it, my morning runs will easily be in the 90s and maybe even 100s. *sizzle* Not sure how long baby and I will be able to handle those hot runs! I might have to move them indoors and you all know how much I despise treadmills!!!

I never thought I'd actually say this thinking I really needed a break from teaching, but I really miss teaching spin class! I inquired at the YMCA and they are full at the moment. So crazy b/c most places are always looking for instructors. They don't know what they're missing. I teach a killer class! Maybe I'll call Pure Austin Fitness...

We're sort of also in the process of looking for a new living space for us, as well, as we see us outgrowing this space pretty quickly. Great time to buy right now! (if you have the money:)) and that seems to be the problem right now:)

I have some good networking meetings next week and my Austin Fit Mag photo shoot so it should be a busy one. Stay tuned for more pics and I'll also post my ad on the blog looking for feedback!

Have a safe weekend!


  1. You're 1/2 way there... :))) Lookin' goooood.

    I'm sure once people in Austin figure out how good you are you'll be booked solid.

  2. Gee if I lived in Austin I'd be a regular attendee at your classes for sure - they sound like fun! You look FABULOUS for 20 weeks too, have a great week.

  3. Running in 100+ degree weather is unfun enough for the non-pregnant. I can only imagine what it will be like. Yikes. Welcome to Texas, Jessica.

    Personal Trainers Austin

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous, as always! Ditto to Michelle's comment; once everyone finds out about you you will be booked solid and wanting a little time off for life :) You're a true inspiration, Jes!