Sunday, May 23, 2010

getting fatter by the day!

This past week was pretty standard, although I was a little more tired than I usually am, therefore cutting out a few of the many workouts I pile into my schedule! Probably all the better for me. Still awaiting word on the space I would love to rent yet my ad coming out June 1st advertises my that specific location...fingers crossed it works out. Still doing a little interviewing with big companies trying to decide if this is the right time to go out on my own. And still networking on the side. Staying busy. Too many thoughts in my head right now!

It's official, though, lots of things in the closet no longer fit and it's only week 19. Should I already be 10 or more lbs up? (that's what the scale's advertising). Depressing. And it's not just in the belly. It seems like it's everywhere! There's no stopping it! I forecast lots of hard work this winter to try to get these lbs off!

So I finally gave in and met with an interior designer selling her maternity clothes this past Friday. She had some cute stuff and a few things worked for me. I can't believe it! I didn't actually think I'd have to wear maternity clothes! I don't know what fairy tale I was dreaming about, but it's not mine. It's definitely happening right before my eyes. And it sucks. I feel so terrible for my husband as I'm in a constant state of complaining about how fat I am. I know I should embrace it, but it's been a big challenge to do that. I better hop to, though, b/c I'm only in my 19th week! This should be a fun, hot, fat summer...lucky me.

On a bright note, here's some good news! As most of you know, I love racing and I LOVE trail runs! XTERRA puts on the best! They had a weekend full of races this past weekend in WACO, TX whereby they were featuring their South Central Championship race on Sunday (triathlon) and also had 3 trail runs on Saturday (5k, 10k and 21k). The typical race of choice for me would be the 21k on Saturday of course, but we decided my husband would race that in my honor (how sweet...just a little hint of sarcasm). In order to not be the biggest scrub of all time, I decided to join in on the fun and do the 10k. And so glad I stopped at the 10k! That thing was killer hard and most of the girls after the race said it was just as hard as World Championships on O'ahu. Glad someone said that b/c I don't trust my PRE these days. It kicked my butt, no doubt! So, I promise I was good. I started mid to the back of the 10k pack and started out nice and easy with definitely a manageable pace. Well, I guess it didn't matter the pace b/c 4 flights of stairs and lots of hilly peaks later, your heart rate was out of any sort of comfort zone. So I made sure to gather all breath on the downhills (which definitely takes longer when you're pregnant by the way). And as careful as I was, my left foot still managed to catch a stump whereby I went flying face down towards the soft dirt. (Also, instincts are much greater now so I landed on my left knee followed by my hands, followed randomly by my right outer calf...weird, I know), got right up and kept running no worries! Not really noticing what's happening too much b/c I'm keeping good focus on running as carefully as possible, I guess I'm passing a few people. Got a few comments b/c I had a HILARIOUS shirt on!!! If you can't read it in the pic it says, "I'm pregnant, what's your excuse?" And whew...race over, finally! Longest 10k EVER! Took me forever!

And now it's awards time. 1st AG 30-34 and 3rd female overall...WHAT?!?!? I happened to know a couple of the staff and the announcer pretty much yelled, "And taking 1st in this age group, also 3rd overall female and NEARLY 5 MONTHS PREGNANT..." omg hilarious. And after that, I got a few more 'wows' and some congrats. Off of me and to my hubby. HE did the loop TWICE!! in 4 min faster per loop so he is the stud, 3rd in his AG 30-34 and he's the nonrunner. He definitely deserves props! I'm so proud of him!

He's been a good man throughout this tough time for me so props again to the fabulous hubby! Shout out! He just knows he's in for a lot of work after delivery b/c mama's gotta get her groove back!

And now to registering...ahhhh the joys (that was full on sarcasm). It's worse than shopping, agh! We got some progress, I think, I hope! We've decided to start on a few things in BabiesRUs and did Saturday after the race. We just heard about a pretty good site Albee baby and will check it out today. I'm thinking Quinny stroller for every day and BOB or Baby Jogger as the jogger. Any other suggestions??

Well, off to do just that...some more registering! Help!


  1. OMG I remember how FAT I felt when I was pregnant... sucks, right? But you need to know that #1 You are NOT as fat as you imagine, and #2 It comes off right away after you deliver. I promise. I know that doesn't help in the meantime though! Argh. But look at you... winning your age group in a trail 10K. Stud. That's awesome. Congrats! Keep that medal b/c when you're kid is about 18 months he/she will be obsessed with wearing it. :)

  2. Awesome job to both you guys. I bet some of the women were saying B#T%H under their breath :-)

  3. You guys are the bomb!! That baby is going to give you guys some competition!! But it seems like you are fit enough to handle it. I can't believe you did this pregnant!!

    Good luck with everything, as a father of 2 lovely girls, it is the most wonderful experience.

  4. Congrats to you & Delfin! Way to go!

  5. That's AWESOME! Congrats! Save that pic for the baby book. :o)

  6. Jessica your doing great! Enjoy the first pregnancy. Eat what you crave it's so much fun. I put on 70lbs during first pregnancy and was terrified of scale. So did my husband a mere 20lbs. I was clueless with nursing until The second came along. I promise no matter how much you put on it will ALL come off. You have a lot on your plate with a newborn and work. Eat now because after baby your not gonna have time to eat. Your clock is gonna be off the wall. Enjoy the cravings your pregnant! Awe how much fun! The healthier the baby is the more they will sleep afterwards. Aiden my first broke my ribs after I put on 50 lbs and started watching my diet. Indulge and enjoy! I'm so jealous you ran a 10k while pregnant. I can't wait to someday to do an ironman.

  7. wow Jessica sounds like you are doing awesome! I have no idea about the pregnancy pounds, it seems to differ for everyone through their entire pregnancy. However being a female who has just spent 2.5 weeks doing not as much as I would like - yet eating as much or more than I would like - I am badly having some fat days already. Here's hoping it get easier to embrace your body as the pregnancy progresses - and you get a lot of satisfaction out of regaining your body after the birth!