Thursday, May 13, 2010

great week!

First off, thank you for all of your comments and for those of you that FB and e-mail me telling me you're following my blog. That truly means a lot! Thank you thank you!

This past week has been a whirlwind, for sure! A great week, though. I have about 2 weeks left at the NH and off to try to run the business full nervous! Meeting with the marketing manager at Austin Fit Magazine was a great experience! She helped me and taught me a lot and I have decided to advertise with them. Coolest thing, they are giving me a full page spread in their July "Body Issue" whereby they spotlight body docs! I hope to get a patient out of that! I meet with the people leasing out their space (PT clinic moving) on Saturday so I hope to get all in order after then (phone number, fax, billing coordinator, etc etc). So many details! It has definitely been 'fun' so far, though! Lots of paperwork for credentialing with insurance companies, lots of phone calls and meetings. Keeps me on my toes. I love that my coworkers think I leave early (b/c it's a part-time job) to go home to nap! That makes me chuckle. (I wish!), although I don't think my mind would let me nap!

It has also been a successful several weeks of working out. I run religiously to work (roundtrip just shy of 6 miles) and I call that good. Saturdays no running, Sundays I try to get in a long run (anything over an hour unless the TX heat gets to me first). Swimming occurs MWF at around 2500m each at the YMCA. Biking consists of hour long spin classes MTTh and Saturday 90 min. I have been a big chicken to try to ride outdoors on unknown land (routes) being pregnant. Maybe I'll venture one of these days...I surely miss my Honolulu riding buddies. I lift weights 5x/wk and do yoga 3-4x/wk. This is week 17 of pregnancy. I hope to keep up as much of that as possible but I'm sure it'll taper so that's why I try to keep a tight workout schedule now while I can! All by myself; it would be super nice to have a buddy for some of it.

mmmmmm...almost forgot to speak about the sushi this past weekend! Of course it wasn't raw! I didn't even think about going to a sushi restaurant and eating cooked fish...who would do such a, ME! It was scrumptious! Maybe because it's been almost 5 months since I've had it! That was a day brightener! yum yum yum!

I've also been trying to connect with local Austinites in the health and fitness world, whether they are practitioners, athletes, just plain healthy, into fitness, etc. If anyone has a great idea for networking, I'm all ears...I've also been told to start tweeting, so I may get a twitter account.

Must do more coming this weekend! Stay tuned...


  1. Sounds like great news with work and exercising too! You're fitting in a good amount of activity. Glad to hear you're feeling so well, but of course you are. Pregnancy is NOT a disability. :)

    I have the BOB Ironman jogger. It's GREAT! I can't really run hard/fast with it but it's great for easy days and Moana loves it. She climbs into it herself these days (hint hint, mama!). But get the infant seat adapter and a Graco infant car seat and it'll be compatible so you can put your baby in it right away and run as soon as you're ready after you deliver. Then when baby gets bigger (like 6 months) you can take the adapter off and just let him/her sit in it like a normal stroller. If you can find one used that would be better b/c they're not cheap new, but if you're going to run a lot then worth every dime.

  2. I miss you on Tuesday rides! Hope you keep up the working out (which I'm sure you will).

  3. I agree with Michelle that I have the BOB sport duallie for when my babies come. We've purchased NOTHING except that stroller. Clearly I have my priorities in order!

  4. I wanna work for you! lols! I'm so excited for you! You will be very successful I know it!

  5. OK you can ignore my fb questions about running, you're keeping super fit :) Love the blog!