Thursday, May 6, 2010

A better day for sure!

(above) Tonight in front of our building (we love our building:) 4 months preggo
Yes, it has a lap pool (25 yds)!
The non-crazy co-workers.
My run to work...almost there! The run is just shy of 3 miles one way.

Was scrolling through some photos and videos from one year ago this week and this is what I found (above). I'm pretty jealous of that girl. Hope I get to see her again sometime soon!

All was good in love and war today! And it was a busy one for sure. After the crazy but great day at work, I ran home, hit the gym for an hour spin class and did a quick lift.

We then went to First Thursday. Austin has a street party every first Thursday of the month, but as most of you know Austin, Austin uses any day of the week to throw a party to include good food, music of course, some good drinks and a great vibe. I didn't see enough 'characters' to warrent photos but Austin has its fair share, hence the name 'keep Austin weird' and I love it, therefore I'd love to capture it on photo to share with you guys!

Got a couple of my first ever Mother's Day cards (Mother to be actually) from Mom and my Godmother (aunt). It was more special than I had imagined. How cool. A Mom-to-be. Like no other feeling in the world, I imagine, except actually being a mother.

Speaking of, I'm still just looking 'chubby.' I'm not sure I want to 'pop' too soon b/c then I'm sure you get all sorts of advice and warnings from people you don't care to get advice and warnings from, but chubby isn't the best feeling in the world either. I feel sort of still in that 'awkward' phase. So far it's been hard for me to absolutely be IN LOOOOOVE with pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy! and excited! and nervous! and thrilled! but not necessarily 'in love' with my body during this phase. I'm sure my sentiments will change as my body changes (hopefully for the better!!).

TGTF!! (Thank Goodness Tomorrow's Friday!)

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  1. Not sure if this will help, but I was never in love with pregnancy or my pregnant body. In fact, I pretty much hated it the whole time. BUT, it was all worth it because I AM in love with Moana and being a mom. So the *good* news is that next year at this time you'll be back to that gal in the video but you'll have an awesome baby and new perspective on life to go with your old bad-ass self! So it's all good even if you never actually love being pregnant. :)